St. James’ Youth Group October Trip – 10/18/15

Our first Youth Group trip of the year was a lot of fun! The St. James’ children, ages 4-10 years and several of their parents headed to Fir Point Farm on Sunday afternoon, October 18th. Sarah Beck, Youth Leader, hosted a pizza party in the back of the Parish Hall during coffee hour, and then fifteen children and ten adults filled a church van or followed behind in their cars to the farm located in Canby, Oregon. The kids in the van sang the song The babies on the bus go wah, wah, wah all day long over and over again! Chaperones, Sarah Beck, Debbie Hohn, and Angie Allee endure it with grace.

Oct 17 3Early Sunday morning, the whether was wet and overcast, but the skies cleared up as soon as we arrived at the farm. Parents showed as much enthusiasm about going to the farm as the children. Everyone met under a large fir tree, next to a sign that was appropriately labeled “Farm Animals.” Then we split up into small groups and wasted no time exploring all that the farm had to offer.


Children and parents alike took turns riding the tractor-pulled cow trains, they navigated the corn maze, raced each other down the BIG slides, petted the farm animals, fed the goats and horses, took a leisurely hay ride and ate complimentary pumpkin bread. Some hiked the trails by a stream, climbed on the “Noah’s Ark,” or took turns swinging o the tire swings. Others spend most of the afternoon jumping in the bouncy house(s), wrestling in the hay beds, and driving the pedal cars. One family, we’re told, took a wheel barrow full of pumpkins home with them!

oct 17 2

Finally, we all met up for ice cream outside the country farm store at 4:00 PM. After ice cream, our youth group split up and parted ways, as it was getting close to dinner time. A few seats opened up in the van, so a mother of two girls, graciously offered to sit between Yoda and Darth Vader on the ride back to the church. She was peppered with questions about her hair color, pet names, and her favorite Star Wars characters most of the ride home. The kids loved it!

Oct 17 trip 1

St. James’ Youth Group trip to Fir Point Farm was a great success, as it offered church families an opportunity to spend some quality time playing and enjoying each other’s company outside of Sunday morning church services. Sarah Beck, Youth Leader, will plan a monthly Youth Group trip. During the month of November, the St. James’ Youth Group will spend an evening at Sky High Sports, located in Tigard, to jump on trampolines and play a friendly game of “church dodge ball.” Children and their parents are invited to join the fun.

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