St. James November Youth Trip – 11/15/15

On Sunday, November 15th, nine children, (ages 4-10), four parents: Michelle, Angie, Mark, Scott, and Sarah Beck, Youth Leader and parent of two, embarked on an another youth group adventure to Sky High Sports in Tigard, OR. We reserved a private trampoline for the group, from 2:00-3:00 PM, and a party room from 3:00-4:00 PM. Five kids rode in the church van with Sarah, and everyone else met up at the check-in party counter at the Sky High.

It was cold and rainy five minute drive from the church to Sky High Sports. The kids in the van ate fruit snacks and pretended to sound like an alarm system that went something like this: beep, beep, beep, beep, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, EHHHNK, EHHHNK, EHHHNK, beep, beep, beep, and then all the kids laughed hysterically. While Sarah prayed to God, would He please turn all the traffic lights green for them as they drove down Highway 99W.

The group was organized chaos and everyone had a blast! Some of the girls asked Sarah to time them as they ran/ jumped laps around the trampoline. The fastest time was 11 seconds. A few of the older girls made up a jumping-dance routine and tried to incorporate “the worm” in the middle of it. It was hilarious school talent show material. And the youngest of the group was delighted to run between trampoline squares on all “yellow” and “red” floor pads with her Dad.Sky High's Jump Court

The boys played catch with the dodge balls provided by the Sky High staff, as well as half attempted playing a volleyball game. At one point, they tried to play a game of tag with the girls, but the rule about how one gets tagged and becomes “it” was never really clear. The girls said, “If you were tagged with a ball, it didn’t count; you need to be ‘hand tagged.’ ” However, if someone was hand tagged, most of time, the person tagged was “not ready” or wasn’t playing the game that minute, so the person who was “it” remained “it” for most of the game. Good thing the “it” person was Sarah! Needless to say, the game didn’t last longer than about ten minutes. The kids moved on and Sarah was out of breathe. Two of the oldest boys “won” for most endurance, as they jumped the entire hour without stopping for a drink of water or taking a break. It was amazing. The twins said they had fun jumping, but next time they will come to Sky High wearing their “Yoda” and “Darth Vader” Halloween costumes.

After everyone was finished jumping, they headed to a private, air conditioned, party room to hydrate, rest, chat and get something to eat. Sandwiches, potato chips, fruit snacks, bottled water, fruit juice boxes, and a large container of red licorice were available to both parents and kids.

One of the kids drank eleven bottles of water (one after another) in record time and then threw down his last empty water bottle on the table and declared himself “the winner.” Another child, proudly, ate sixteen pieces of red licorice, but noticed by the fifth piece that it made a really good straw for his juice box. This started the “Licorice Straw Movement.” One of the younger kids took a bite out of three different sandwiches and then put each sandwich back on the tray, each time expecting the sandwich would taste different than the last. The oldest of the group inhaled three pieces of licorice, that went straight to his head, and began belting out Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

On the van ride back to church, the kids all sat in the back and made up songs about “too much sugar makes me too much hyper” and sang them as loud as they could while laughing at each other. Ten minutes later, all the kids were on a sugar crash. One of the parents picking up their children said they were grateful their kid(s) were able to burn off some energy that afternoon. If they only knew…




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