Parish History

St. James begins as a neighborhood bible study group, consisting of 38 families, under the guidance of the Rev. Robert Grafe and members of St. Barnabas in Southwest Portland. It becomes a mission of Christ Church of Lake Oswego and holds its first service, officiated by the Rev. John Vance on April 13th.

A five-acre filbert orchard is purchased as a building site during the tenure of the Rev. Vincent Anderson.

The Rt. Rev. James W.F. Carman dedicates the church building on November 8th as the Rev. John M. Galagan becomes vicar.

Rev. Jackson R. Hazelett is installed by Bishop Carman as the new in snow

Ground breaking occurs for a parish hall and church school wing.

St. James celebrates its new status as a parish during the Diocesan Convention.

Sunday school rooms are utilized by Bull Mountain Montessori School, a relationship with St. James that continues to this day.

Fr. Hazelett retires after serving for 26 years. During his tenure a commission structure is put in place. The Cursillo and Faith Alive movements both take hold and a variety of other parish events create a lively, outgoing, and welcoming community. The Rev. Lincoln Eng serves as interim rector and is involved in the design and fundraising for a building addition.

During the tenure of The Rev. Douglas Hadley a $1 million building project is completed, adding a modern kitchen, a parish hall with seating for 260, six additional classrooms, and a new office space.

The Rev. Simon Justice begins as rector. Under his leadership, St. James participates in the Percept process to refine its vision and focus.

The Oregon Jusarang Church enters into agreement with St. James to share the church space.

The Rev. Raggs Ragan begins as rector and restructures the governance of the church from a multi-commission system to three subcommittees chaired by three wardens. During her tenure the outdoor columbarium, labyrinth, and memorial garden are installed.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Williams begins as rector when Mother Raggs is called to Trinity Cathedral.

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