Other Rites

CELEBRATION FOR A HOME (House Blessing) is a service of the church offered to those who have recently moved into a new home or apartment. A priest then blesses the home and each of its rooms, as well as those who live there. Sometimes family and friends are also invited to join in and then stay for a small housewarming party. Some people also honor an old tradition of inviting the parish priest over to their home each year during the epiphany season for a shorter annual blessing ceremony. Contact the Parish Office (503/639-3002) to learn more.

THANKSGIVING FOR A CHILD is a special blessing offered when a new child is welcomed into a family, either by birth or adoption. It involves prayers of thanks to God for the child and asks for a special blessing upon the child. Sometimes newborn infants are welcomed with this special celebration on their first Sunday at church and then are later baptized at the next appointed baptismal time.

BLESSING OF A CIVIL MARRIAGE is offered to couples who have been married in a secular ceremony but now seek the blessing of God and the Church for their marriage. See the Rector to learn more.

RECEPTION INTO THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH is the process by which those who were previously baptized and confirmed in another tradition are welcomed formally by a Bishop into the Episcopal Church. See the Rector if you would like to be received.

REAFFIRMATION OF BAPTISMAL VOWS is offered to those who were previously baptized and confirmed but who now want to publicly renew their baptismal vows and receive a special blessing by the Bishop for their life in Christ and service in the world. See the Rector to learn more.

BURIAL OF THE DEAD is the pastoral rite of burial for those who have died. In the Episcopal Church, people may be buried or cremated, but the liturgical service for celebrating their lives and commending them to God’s love and mercy is the same. Contact the Parish Office (503/639-3002) if you need to make arrangements for a burial.

The Reeve and LaVelle Helm Memorial Garden

The Reeve and LaVelle Helm Memorial Garden



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