Christmas Break Mission Project – January 10, 2016

Sunday, January 10th, after the 10:00 AM services, St. James Youth Group (children ages 4-12) were invited to take a short field trip to Target and help purchase/ put together two or more Syrian refugee kits.  Syrian refugees are in urgent need of health and hygiene supplies, as they are vulnerable, at danger of poor health and sickness that can spread quickly. The Emergency Relief staff at MTI have identified refugee kits as the most immediate, urgent answer to these needs among refugees.

Click here to view a short video about the plight of Syrian refugees.

This photo gallery depicts the children’s adventure at a local Target store to purchase the needed items to create these much needed emergency refugee kits.
















If you are interested in preparing additional kits, the information below will help you identify the items needed. Please contact Sarah Beck for instructions regarding where additional kits may be sent.

A Family Refugee Kit ($29.00)

4-pk of toilet paperSettlement 18, Zahle, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon - April 9, 2015
3.1 oz. bar of soap
22.5 oz. bottle of shampoo
4 toothbrushes
2-6.4 oz. tubes of toothpaste
2-pk of bath towels
36 count sanitary pads
2.5 oz. hand sanitizing gel
4- to 10-pack of shaving razors with travel size shaving cream
$4 for shipping costs

An Infant Refugee Kit ($19.00)infant refugee

36-pack disposable diapers
Travel pack of wet wipes
15 ounce bottle baby shampoo
Tube of diaper rash cream
$4 for shipping costs



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