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Bible OnlyThursday Evening Prayer Group starts up again, May 26, 2016 – 5 to 6 PM in Hazelett Hall. We pray over our church, its vision and leadership, and for the needs and concerns of our congregation. Please join us!

St. James offers many opportunities for Adult Formation, and one essential area of interest to our parishioners is weekly bible study, both on and off-site. 

Our classes take a systematic, inquiring, and reflective approach to the study of the scriptures. We identify literary techniques used to get the writer’s point across, and we explore the historical and cultural context in which the writing took place. There is room in each study session for conversation and for quiet reflection. Overall, we question, observe, comment on, and engage with the text, and with one another, in Spirit-filled appreciation for the living truth of God’s Word. 

Each bible study is led by a trained facilitator who creates a friendly space for lively and respectful conversation. Our goal is to gain deep transformation as Christians and to grow in fellowship as a group. As we grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity, the scriptures live and breathe in us bringing us strength for the journey and resources for our everyday lives.

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Anyone interested in learning more about classes or wanting more information about our Bible Studies program, please complete the form below or click here to send an email to Susan Zwingli, leader of our Bible Studies Ministry.

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