10:00 AM Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour GraphicThis is an important ministry, as it provides fellowship time after worship. It’s a great way to practice hospitality as well as get to know other members of our parish.

Here are a few guidelines:

Our average attendance at the 10:00 a.m. service is 80. The Korean Church with which we share space begins arriving around 12:30 p.m. to make coffee and rice. It’s best to buddy up or do this as a team in order to share costs and cut down on clean-up time.

Food may be as simple or elaborate as you like. When I’m flush I get party trays from WinCo, when pressed for time I grab baked goods at Costco or off the “reduced for quick sale” rack at the Tigard Fred Meyer on the way to church, and other times I spend Saturday baking. : ) Sweet or savory – all offerings are welcome! The idea is to provide a gathering place for the community.

Coffee, tea, powdered creamer, sugar, sweetener, and stir sticks are provided by the Church. It never hurts to encourage donations for this line item.

The 8:00 a.m. coffee hour crew sets up the tables and makes coffee and hot water. During the Peace is a good time to make more coffee and hot water.

Coffee is located to the left of the coffee makers, which are to the left of the refrigerator. To make coffee, place one heaping scoop of grounds into a filter and basket. The filters are with the coffee, and the baskets are with the urns, near the stove. Slide the basket into a coffee maker and place an urn, without the spigot, under it. Turn the coffee maker on and press “start.” This will take a while. Hot water must also be made this way as the tap on the machine isn’t meant for large amounts. When the coffee is done, place a spigot into the urn, snap the top shut, and lift the dispensing tab.

Serving dishes are in the lower cabinet to the right of the dishwasher. You are welcome to use any equipment, and any contents of cupboards not marked for the Korean Church. Please clean and leave everything where you found it for the next group!

Dishes, cups, cutlery, and pitchers and chafing dishes are in the sideboard cupboards between the kitchen and parish hall. Tea, napkins, and all the rest are in the drawers.

Please do not leave leftovers for the staff. Leftovers may be neatly packed, clearly dated, and placed in the freezer; every once in a while we have a coffee hour made up of decent-looking freezer contents.

The dishwasher does not wash the dishes, but rather sanitizes them. Before sliding a rack into the dishwasher, all traces of food must be removed from the dishes. Racks are in the cupboard directly across from the dishwasher. Before placing the initial load into the dishwasher, it must be run once without dishes in order to fill the wells with soap, sanitizer, and drying agent. The weighted plug must be in the drain channel (located on the right side of the dishwasher). The 0800 coffee hour people have taken care of this part. Cutlery is left to soak in hot soapy water near the dishwashing sink before being run in the last loads.

Dishtowels and rags for wiping the tables and counters are in the bottom drawer just to the right of the dishwasher. There are bins for dirty towels and tablecloths under the hand washing sink near the pantry door.

Coffee urns are emptied, rinsed, relieved of their spigots, and left open to air dry near the stove. Spigots are rinsed and placed in a pitcher to air dry. The filter baskets may be run through the dish sanitizer. If a coffee urn is fresh and nearly full, it may be left for the Korean Church, with their permission.

If you have any questions or would like some help with a coffee hour please contact me – thank you!

Cynthia Reynolds

Cynthia@reynoldsclan.com, (503) 830-5903











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